Summer Fragrances


When the warm weather arrives, what is better than trying a new fragrance to make change? Summer is the perfect time to abandon your usual odor and find a new fragrance with fresh olfactory notes, or slightly sweet. We chose to make you discover some fragrances to inspire you!


Escada Turquoise Summer 

The new annual Escada perfume is very popular this year. Indeed, ideal for the summer season, Turquoise Summer is a fruity floral blend, balanced by base notes of creamy vanilla. This refreshing summer fragrance will seduce you with its delicious scent composed of red fruits like raspberry, currant and strawberry, all accompanied peach and orange blossom.


Versace Bright Crystal Absolu

The intensity and long life of this perfume will charm you with top notes of colorful and juicy pomegranate, accented by notes of raspberries and peonies. This unique fragrance character is distinguished by its pure and natural freshness, evoking a voluptuous sensuality, making the ideal fragrance for the summer season.


Dolce by D&G

This fragrance creates an emotional and sensual journey. With its soft feminine scent of white flowers, Dolce by D & G dominating its different olfactory notes. This fragrance is an explosion of Neroli and papaya combined with the white daffodil and freshness cashmere. This floral fragrance leaves a sensual trail and will make you unique in all occasions.



Daisy Dream Marc Jacobs

This more sophisticated version of the perfume Daisy is distinguished by its fresh fruity and floral freshness. Daisy Dream embodies the enthusiasm of youth and romance. Note heads composed of blackberries, pears, coconut and jasmine leave behind you a unique and refreshing smell.


Burberry Brit Sheer 

This playful and joyful fragrance by Burberry is a floral fruity fragrance composed of a variety of olfactory notes such as lychee, pineapple leaf and orange tangerine. These are complemented by the elegant peony, white musk and pear blossom. His notes are a refreshing sail, making Burberry Brit Sheer, an ideal scent for hot summer.


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