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Xeryus Rouge

Gender: Men
The very lively top note is an outpouring of fresh and green scents of kumquat (a variety of spicy and sparkling Chinese mandarin), cactus and tarragon, which enhances the lively and tonic allure of the top note. The heart note is a breath of warm scents of cedar leaf, red pimento and African geranium (very spicy and slightly bitter). The end note, sensuous and persistent, is composed of cedarwood and sandalwood that bring nobleness and authenticity, and accords of tender and voluptuous white musk, and ambergris.

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Eau de toilette
100 ml
Eau de toilette
50 ml

Demonstrators commonly called 'testers' are identical to the original versions but they are sold without the box. This is great if you do not have a need for fancy packaging. Especially when this fragrance is for us, so why pay more?

These Testers are 100% authentic, fresh and completely full, like the original fragrance, but they are intended to be sold as a demonstrator only. Demonstrators often come in a white box, and sometimes do not have a cap. Discount perfume is now offering this new option, to save even more!

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